Summer in Shoreditch
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Summer in Shoreditch

A toast to the soft life. Inspired by the fiery favourite Picante. Herbaceous with heat, feels like rooftop views and sunny brunches.

Get Together

  • 30ml Mirchi
  • Dash of coriander
  • Half a chilli 
  • 25ml fresh lime juice 
  • 25ml agave syrup 
  • 60ml Prosecco 
  • Torched fresh chilli

Whip Up

  1. Add 30ml Mirchi, dash of coriander, half a chilli, 25ml fresh lime juice and 25ml agave syrup into a shaker. 
  2. Muddle the ingredients together, add ice and shake well. 
  3. Add a splash of prosecco and stir gently. 
  4. Double strain the mix into a chilled flute glass, then top up with Prosecco (slowly). Garnish with a torched fresh chilli. 

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