Respect for Nature

Flavour means the world to us and so does sustainability.

It starts at home. Sustainability is the most important ingredient in every decision we make. We’re carbon neutral and completely plastic free, from our bottles to our packaging, everything is made to be recycled or given a second life.

All Flavour, No Footprint

We’re proud to be a certified carbon neutral company. We’ve partnered with our friends over at Carbon Neutral Britain to offset 5 tonnes of CO²e and plant 30 trees each month - reversing the climate impact of our business. That’s the equivalent of 42 return flights from London to Accra and 1.5 acres of Amazon reforestation a year.

Packaged with Care

We made a conscious decision to create a plastic free product and use sustainable materials wherever possible. Our biodegradable labels are made from 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% hemp and linen. The cellulose tamper seal is 100% compostable and our packaging is made from natural corrugated cardboard and printed with water-based inks.

It’s the Growth for Us

It’s only up from here. We will continue to create 100% natural products made in the UK, consciously source our ingredients, reduce our CO2 emissions and always offset what we can’t. We believe in full transparency and we’re on a mission to improve our practices as we grow. We’ve got B Corp Certification at the top of our vision board. B Corps are companies that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.